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Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009


So, what can I do to last longer?
Ten tips on how to eliminate premature ejaculations are given below. The easiest (and cheapest) things first ..

1. The stop and start technique
2. The breathing technique
3. The squeeze technique
4. Wear a condom
5. Masturbate first
6. Different sexual positions
7. Desensitizing cream
8. Pelvic muscle exercise
9. Herbal treatments
10. Testicular restraint and penis ring

Let's discuss these tips in more details...

Stop and start technique
This technique simply means to bring yourself to (near) the point of no return, and stopping all stimulation before it's too late. For some men, this includes removal of the penis from the vagina, although for others this may not be necessary.

After the urgent feeling to ejaculate subsides, usually after 30 seconds, then thrusting and intercourse can be resumed. This stop and start technique can be repeated several times.

Communication is the key here, guys. Let your partner know that you are getting close to orgasm and to slow down or temporarily stop.

In addition to intercourse, the stop and start technique can also be practiced with your hand, with or without lubricant.

Remember to breathe...
Believe it or not, breathing deeply and relaxing your body during intercourse can help! This works best for premature ejaculation that is caused by anxiety or tension.

Because of its relaxing effect, some men report that drinking one (just one ,guys) glass of red wine before lovemaking can help.

For others, distracting oneself by thinking about other things like the office or football can also help to prevent premature ejaculation. Just remember not to think out loud!

The squeeze technique
This technique involves gently squeezing the base or end of the penile shaft and stopping sexual stimulation until the urge to ejaculate passes. The squeezing can be done by either the man or his partner, and can be repeated until ejaculation is desired.

Wear a condom
One of the most overlooked simple cures of premature ejaculation is to wear a condom. Besides being a good practice against sexually transmitted diseases and as a contraceptive, a condom can help reduce the sensation and thus prolong sex.

Masturbate first
Masturbating first a couple of hours before making love can result in the increased ability to last longer. Unfortunately, this often reduces the man's desire for sex.

Different sexual positions
Some men reach orgasm and ejaculate faster in the traditional missionary position (man on top). These men may last longer when their partner is on top. Remember, however, that sexual position preference varies very widely.

Changing positions every so often can also help, perhaps by giving the man brief pauses during lovemaking every now and then.

Desensitizing cream
Desensitizing cream works by lessening the sensation felt by men during intercourse. Although it lengthens staying power for many men, it comes with a price: most of these men said that the cream also makes sex less pleasurable.

Be sure to tell your partner that you are using desensitizing cream. Unfortunately, the dulling effect can also be transferred and felt by the woman, making it longer for her to reach orgasm (which may be one of the reasons a man feels he's not lasting long enough in the first place!).

Pelvic muscle exercise
Would you believe that an exercise usually reserved for incontinent women can help a man prevent premature ejaculation?

In a woman, pregnancy and childbirth are the main cause of the weakening of the pelvic floor muscle. This usually leads to female incontinence. The good news is that a simple pelvic muscle exercise (also called Kegel exercise) can help.

The same pelvic muscle is also involved in the ejaculation process (if you must know, the contraction of the pelvic muscle forces the seminal or ejaculate fluid from the prostate gland). This means that for a man, the same pelvic muscle exercise can help gain control over his premature ejaculation.

The pelvic muscle exercise is simple: "flex" the pelvic muscle as if you are holding back from or stopping urination. Hold the muscle for about three to five seconds, relax for about three seconds, and repeat. With practice, you should be able to work your way up to hold your pelvic muscle for ten seconds and do as many as one hundred contractions per day.

Remember, you can do this discreet exercise at almost anytime and in any place.

Herbal treatment
There are many herbs for men's sexual health available in the market today. Some of these, such as yohimbe and maca extracts, are basically stimulants and may have unwanted side effects, especially for older men.

A very promising herb is purified Tribulus terrestris extract, available under the brand name Libilov. Taken regularly, Tribulus has been proven by many scientific medical studies to help men overcome premature ejaculation without side effects. Moreover, the herb helps boost sex drive, increases stamina and control, and even improves sensation. Visit Libilov for Men for more information.

Testicular restraint
Gently restraining the testicles from moving during intercourse can help some men from ejaculating prematurely. Although some found it uncomfortable or too much hassle, testicular restraint is generally safe. It can be purchased discreetly through erotic mail-order companies.

Taking cues from the squeeze technique and a vacuum device for impotence, an erotic device called a penis ring or band works to prevent premature ejaculation in some (adventurous) men. Here, a stretchy rubber ring on the base of the penis does the squeezing. Some men, however, feel slight discomfort during intercourse when wearing this ring.

Premature ejaculation can be treated
The tips above have been reported to help about 95% of men to prolong their lovemaking. Remember to be sure to contact your health provider if you feel that you have a severe premature ejaculation problem.

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Minggu, 23 Maret 2008

How To Prevent PRemature ejaculations

No. Let him leave his wife! Master these 4 ways to prevent premature Ejaculation! Do not panic! There are many methods to cure this problem!

The first method is

Stop and start method

This method is really in control of their feelings through sexual stimulation. Depending on how you feel more comfortable, which can be performed with or without a partner. The objective of this technique is to engage in sexual stimulation to the point of no return and then stop completely stimulation of approximately 30 seconds and then start again. Repeat the process as long as you want him to finish and ejaculating.

Squeeze Method

Tighten the method is somewhat similar to the stop and start method, as it also requires sexual stimulation, but rather to stop just before the point of no return or you partner pressed firmly to the base of the penis that his excitement has been reduced from about 30 seconds. Once the level of excitement has decreased, you partner or you can repeat the process as long as you want to ejaculate.

Desensitizing Creams

Desensitizing creams serves the purpose of reducing the sensations felt during intercourse. This can serve as a temporary solution, however this treatment does not cure the problem. And intercourse is also less pleasurable sensations that have been reduced.

Sexual Positions

Very often, sexual positions can affect the ability of man to control his ejaculation. The application of these techniques previously stated position with different sexual man can help control your premature ejaculation.

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By following a series of exercises and ways to prevent premature ejaculation can cure their EP very quickly and see radical changes in their sexual lives.

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Prevent premature ejaculation by using condoms

One method that has that has become very popular as a technique to prevent premature ejaculation is the use of condoms.

The premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men. The men in all age groups are affected by this condition and is more common in younger males ages 18-30. In the United States the figures say about 70% of the male population is affected. Same goes for Europe, and although no details, Asia, Australia and Africa is supposed to reflect the figures.

It is a battle of the entire world was havoc, and condoms are placed in the forefront. Condoms used are mainly of two types, which are built thicker than normal and others who have been previously treated with special desensitizing fluids. The goal of both is the style of condoms to reduce the sensation and against their will and to allow periods by the user.

Both are reported to work well and condoms are highly effective in delaying ejaculation. However, there have been reports of the drawbacks, the main are too numbness and loss of feeling. The decreased sensitivity meant reduced sensuality of some men who use this technique. Sometimes, this loss of sensitivity even affects the other partner.

Another downside is that the prevention of this technique is seen as a quick fix to the extent of a problem that needs a more permanent solution.

As with all things there are advantages and disadvantages. What works for some will not necessarily work for everyone. Use of condoms is an effective technique to prevent premature ejaculation for some, others need something more. Fortunately there are other viable alternatives that may be more appropriate for these people.

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